JAIPUR Living : Support for Women Empowerment

Social Initiatives

Healthy Living

We sponsor healthcare programs throughout many of the villages where our artisans live and work. Bringing in dedicated doctors and other medical professionals, our weavers and other local villagers are invited to come in for temporary clinics set up throughout the year. Transportation for anyone needing medical care is provided within a 50mile radius, free of charge. Checkup’s and life-saving medications are provided for those in need.

Healthcare education is a core component of these programs, which offer artisans and fellow villagers valuable information on hygiene and safe practices that could save lives.

Literacy Education

No matter their gender, age, location or socioeconomic background, we believe that every human being should be afforded the opportunity to learn to read and write. Our literacy education programs reach out to our female artisans, their daughters and other young girls in hundreds of impoverished villages across India. A positive impact can be felt not only for our weavers who participate, but the rates of higher education learning for their children also show how these programs can continue making a difference for generations to come.

Financial & Legal Support

We equip our artisans with the knowledge and skills that help them master basic economic principles. By spreading the benefits of saving money, we can help shape a brighter future for their families. Sharing practical solutions for everyday financial situations helps improve the lives of our weavers and their communities. In addition, with robust legal support, our artisans know their rights.

Personal Empowerment

Our artisans embody an entrepreneurial spirit and we strive to develop their skills. Our seminars have a focus on female empowerment, often in environments where women are given little-to-no choices in education or vocational training. We work to ensure our weavers have the tools and knowledge to empower themselves and their families. We enable our artisans to be the change within their communities.

Vocational Training

For those weavers and other artisans interested in honing their craft, we offer opportunities for them to continue advancing their careers. We prepare the weavers by teaching them new skills that could make them more marketable as employees. By identifying and encouraging artisans and their children who are interested in pursuing a formal education, we provide scholarships and outreach.