JAIPUR Living: FAQ for Shipping Refund Return

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How long can I keep 18” Swatches?

  • • Samples may be kept up to 90 days without penalty or restocking charges. Samples may not be returned after 90 days.
  • • Samples may be provided in various sizes including 18” square, 2’x3’ corner sample or 2’x3’ rug, and ringsets depending on availability in the collection requested.
  • • Please mark your order clearly “Samples”.
  • • Customer is responsible for all freight charges associated with receiving and returning any samples.

What is your return policy?

  • • Items in original condition may be returned within 60 days of receipt with a 15% Restocking Fee.
  • • No returns accepted on Pillows, Poufs or Throws.
  • • All Clearance Items are Finale Sale and non-returnable.
  • • Product must be returned in the original or equivalent packaging.
  • • Jaipur does not accept returns on any item after 60 days from receipt.
  • • Any item returned without an RMA can be refused at the customer’s expense.
  • • For your protection, we recommend that all shipments be sent back with a traceable return number and proper insurance.
  • • Once the item is received and inspected at Jaipur, a credit (not including freight) for the item will be issued to your account. If you maintain a prepay account and require a check to be issued, please contact our accounting department to request a check refund at 888.676.7330 or email us at ar@jaipurliving.com.
  • • An RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the package for all returns including sample returns.
  • • RMA#s can be obtained by emailing returns@jaipurliving.com or through Jaipur’s customer service department at 888.676.7330.

What If I receive a damaged rug?

  • • Upon receipt of your merchandise, please inspect and open the package thoroughly with the driver present. Goods damaged in transit must be refused at time of delivery. It is possible that the outside packaging is intact while the product inside was damaged in transit – particularly with handtufted products.
  • • If unable to open and inspect immediately at the time of delivery, please write “Subject to Inspection” on shipping documents before signing for delivery. Please note clearly any obvious issues or signs of damage such as torn packaging, rips, etc.
  • • If damage is not noted at time of delivery, call the carrier to amend the Bill of Lading prior to returning the shipment. The shipping company or Jaipur Living cannot be held liable if BOL/Shipping document is signed and damage is not noted by the receiver.
  • • Verify your BOL/Shipping document for number of packages and note any items which have not been received.
  • • Please call customer service immediately at 888.676.7330 and notify us that you have received/refused a damaged item.
  • • A reorder for the damaged/defective item will be processed once a new PO/request is submitted in writing.

Do you have a minimum for custom orders?

  • • There is a $500 minimum on custom orders.

I want to become a Jaipur Dealer. Who should I contact? What forms do I need?

  • • New account application form and certificate of re-sale must be faxed to the accounting department at 678.551.6677 or emailed to ar@jaipurliving.com prior to an order being processed.
  • • A notification of your new Jaipur account and status will be sent to you within five working days.
  • • If will be paying via credit card please send in a completed credit card application.
  • • If you do not have an account application or credit card authorization form please call 888.676.7330 or email us at contactus@jaipurliving.com.

Is the inventory on your website accurate?

  • • Yes, it is updated daily.

What is Jaipur’s warranty?

  • • Every Jaipur rug is warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from the original purchase date. Jaipur may repair or replace at its discretion without charge.
  • • To file a claim under this Limited Warranty, please contact customer service at 888.676.7330. Proof of original purchase and photograph is required.
  • • Dealer is expected to inspect all customer claims. Jaipur representatives will only perform in-store inspections, if applicable.
  • • Claims for damage to rugs arising from negligence or improper cleaning will not be entertained by Jaipur.
  • • Customer’s cost of a rug constitutes the maximum liability that Jaipur will consider on any claim.

Do you accept credit cards?

  • • Yes, with no fees.

What is the status of my order?


How soon does my rug ship when it comes available?

  • • Unless previously arranged, rugs will be shipped via FedEx ground, or best method as soon as they arrive.

Where do I send my orders?


Do you have a map policy?

  • This MAP adherence policy (hereafter referred to as “Policy”) of Jaipur Living, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “JRI”) is effective January 1, 2013. This Policy supersedes and replaces all previous policies and requirements pertaining to the advertising and sale of JRI goods (hereafter referred to as “Goods”) and you (hereafter referred to as “Dealer”) are released from those policies and requirements. JRI has determined that its interests are best served through the adoption of a minimum advertised price ("MAP") policy.
    This policy is designed to:
    (1) protect reseller margins,
    (2) support the JRI brand as a premium offering, and
    (3) avoid destructive intra-brand reseller conflicts.
  • • This MAP policy applies to all advertisements, including, but not limited to, advertising on the Internet, at Store locations, or other media outlets in connection with JRI rugs (hereafter referred to as "Advertisement")
  • • Any Dealer selling Goods must publish Dealer's advertised prices in any Advertisement of such Goods (hereafter referred to as "Advertised Prices").
  • • Advertised Prices must not be a price below the suggested retail or MAP price, whichever is lower, as published or shared by JRI for such products in the current Price Guide or on JRI's website at www.jaipurliving.com/rep/priceguide.aspx
  • • Dealers are responsible for remaining current with MAP policy, products and pricing. JRI at its sole discretion may update its MAP as it deems fit.
  • • JRI will, in its sole discretion, update such suggested retail price and MAP price lists periodically and provide this information to Dealer. Dealer shall update its Advertised Prices accordingly within 48 hours of receiving notice of changes to the suggested retail price and MAP price lists from JRI.
  • • JRI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, at any time to modify, suspend, or discontinue the MAP policy in whole or in part or designate promotional periods during which the terms of the policy change or designate periods of time during which the policy is not applicable. JRI will make any such policy modifications available on JRI’s website at www.jaipurliving.com/rep/priceguide.aspx Dealer prices may not be advertised below MAP or MSRP (whichever is lower) unless consent from JRI is granted via email or written form.
  • • If the Dealer exclusively sells on the Internet then such Dealer must list the retail or MAP price, as described above, and in no case may Dealer hide prices or post any Goods with the phrase “no price,” “Call for Price,” “click for price” or any language of similar import.
  • • Dealer will not advertise coupons, promotions, discounts or any other price reduction mechanism in connection with any Goods without the prior written approval of JRI.
  • • This Policy shall not apply to items that are clearly and prominently labeled as "Damaged" or those that are accurately labeled as "Discontinued by Jaipur Living, Inc." as part of the web-based product display.
  • • Dealer will not advertise, offer for sale, or actually sell any Goods in any forward auction, reverse auction, or unique bid auction, or on any website using such auction formats, including, but not limited to, EBAY, uBid, or Bidz.
  • • JRI is not seeking agreement from any reseller to adhere to this MAP policy. It is entirely within the discretion of the reseller whether to comply or not comply.
  • • If Dealer fails to comply with the terms of this policy, JRI may unilaterally, and in JRI’s sole discretion, terminate Dealer’s account without any further notice to Dealer. JRI is under no obligation to accept any written or verbal communication from a Dealer who has violated this MAP policy.